Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i need to get laid

ok so this is bad guys.  i haven't had sex in like two weeks.  and we all know how crazy i get when i don't get laid.  so i'm starting to get a little......on edge.  to say the least.  normally i wouldn't be having to wait so long for it, but my guy is working extra hours during the holidays, so i only really see him on the weekends for right now.  and last weekend he got sick so he had to leave early before we got to have any adult fun.  so yeah, it's been a while.  well, a while by my standards.  so basically i can't stop thinking about it now.  which means i end up talking about it a lot.  and depending on who's around to listen, that can lead to some interesting conversations.  especially since i've only been thinking about the crazy kinky stuff.  which is why i really, really, really need it to be friday.  i just hope he's up for what's in store.  literally ;)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my shower has a playlist

and by playlist i mean songs that i sing into my shower head while naked and getting clean.  and it's a pretty random playlist.  seriously, i was all over the place tonight.  start off with this:

amazing song, and i've been singing it all week for some reason.  my favorite part has to be the first time he sings "i will let you down, i will make you hurt."  and not for any emo reasons, it's just extremely powerful the way he sings it.  after this song, my mind jumped to:

another pretty powerful song that can catch you off guard if you aren't expecting it.  i first heard it when it was in shrek, and fell in love with it.  my high school ex also played it with his band, and they did a pretty awesome cover.  favorite part of this song would have to be "love is not a victory march, it's a cold and broken hallelujah."   this sorta is emo, but honestly that just makes a lot of sense sometimes.  and because my mind is totally random, this popped up next:

yeah i have no excuse for that.  it's just a fun song to do for shower karaoke, or any karaoke for that matter.  no favorite parts for that one.  moving on now.

i told you my mind was random.  favorite part of that one is the whole damn song because it's fucking amazing and i less than three the chili peppers.  and that's it for tonight.  i was done with my shower by this point, so the music died.  at least until tomorrow night.

Friday, November 25, 2011

why i less than three ed

i'll admit it, i went to a black friday sale today.  at my tattoo shop.  because they were offering half off on all piercings and body jewelry.  my original intention was to just get some rings for my cartilage piercings, but as the day went on, i just got to the point where i was like fuck it i'm getting another piercing.  i mean the price was just too good to pass up.  so i get there and have all my paperwork filled out and ready to go before niko even makes it to the front of the shop to check me in.  i swear i should just photocopy that release form and carry it with me to save time.  ed's working on a piercing when i get there, so i get to just chill on their crazy comfortable couch for a while and think about which one i want to get done.  after talking to ed, it's decided that i'm going to pierce my daith.  and i mean the real daith, not what  a lot of people mistake it for.  which makes ed super happy because according to him, that's a pretty rare request and he only gets to do it like once every four years.  this also means i get to be an example for the intern.  so we go through the normal prep and pierce routine, no problems at all.  he asks if he even needs to go over after care with me and i just laugh.  and now here's the best part of the whole thing.  since i did make up for the zombie march, he tells me that he's not going to charge me for the piercing.  so all it cost me was the $7.00 that i tipped him.  which is another reason why i less than three ed.  not only is he fucking amazing at piercings, he's just an awesome guy in general.  and now i have the same number of piercings in both ears.  that is until i get my right targus done in a few months.  what can i say?  i just can't stay away from it. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

i'm awesome!

motherfucker i'm awesome!  and i'm drinking, so yeah.  oh and it looks like i need more rum.  sailor jerry and captain morgan have decided to befriend me in my time of need.  i got no cash monies to buy vodka, so i commandeered the sailor jerry the boy left in my fridge and i actually found a full bottle of captain morgan.  don't worry, it was just hiding out in my mini fridge that has been unplugged forever so i never look it there.  but for some reason it was calling to me the other day.  so i took a peek inside and had a nice looking pirate starring back at me.  well, off too see said pirate about a refill.  oh, and in case you forgot, i'm awesome!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

bath time!

so the fail ninja was feeling pretty grungy lately.  i have no idea why because she's a totally indoor cat.  but some how she went and got herself all dirty feeling.  and since she sleeps with me, i kinda wasn't too keen on that.  so today was bath day.  and while she is actually very tolerant of water due to the fact that i bathed her a lot when she was a kitten, she still doesn't enjoy it.  and since it's the only time she's allowed to go in the bathroom, she pretty much knows what's up as soon as the door closes.  she tried to hide behind the toilet, but considering how insanely small the bathroom is, that didn't work too well for her.  the bath prevailed, and we both survived without injury.  my drain, not so much.  it is clogged with cat hair now and i need to go buy some draino or something.  but at least the cat is clean.  and avoiding me.  oh well.  she'll get over it in about four hours when it's dinner time.  then i'll be her best friend again. 

pretty sure she's trying to flip me off

Friday, November 18, 2011

how you know you got a good one

so i know i said to expect a few rants, but i'm actually in a decent mood tonight and it's really hard to rant when you're not angry.  first off, i've lost fifteen pounds, my face/neck area looks thinner, my pants are now too big on me, and i can tighten my belt up to the next notch.  i'm still a long way from my goal, but i'm making progress and not gaining it back.  so i'm pretty happy.  that also got me thinking about something my guy had said to me when i first started trying to lose wight.  

as a bit of a back story for those of you who don't know, my ex at one point actually stopped having sex with me because he thought i was too fat.  and he decided to tell me this one night when he was drunk and having sex with me.  came out as something along the lines of "i didn't think i would be doing this again with you until you lost weight."  yeah, you can tell he was a real winner there.  so this brings us to the difference between him and my current guy, and why my current guy is just freakin' awesome.  we were walking on the beach a few months back and i mentioned that i wanted to start trying to lose wight again.  his response was "why?  you look cute just the way your are."  honestly i don't think i've ever had any one say something about my weight that made me feel as good about myself as that did.  so yay to me for actually sticking with it and getting healthier.  and yay to my guy for being amazing.  i don't think he realized how much that little phrase meant to me. 

p.s.  the sex with the current one is great!  and we do it a lot.  so a big yay for that as well

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

look! a distraction!

so i'm super pissed off about a lot of things tonight.  i need some time to collect my thoughts about it all before putting it on here, but expect a few rants over the upcoming days.  mostly politics and money.  so yeah, you've been warned.  until then, look!  a distraction!  i don't know if this technically counts as a costume, but it was pretty damn awesome.  took three guys to control it, and they were amazing with their crowd interactions.  i know i stood there just watching for a good ten minutes at least.  oh and for those of you who don't play WoW, it's a frost wyrm.  it's kinda of like an undead dragon that glows blue.  really doesn't get much more awesome than that.  and yes, i do want one in real life.  how bad ass would that be?  and i'm pretty sure you would never get any door-to-door salesmen or people "spreading the good word" with one of these babies guarding your house.

oh and i already have some ideas for my costume next year. yeah, i like to plan ahead. what can i say, i love costumes.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

tardío feliz día de los muertos

for the zombie march, we were lucky enough to have tori moss from independent expression photography following us around and taking pictures.  while i didn't make it into any of them since i was doing make up forever, a lot of the people i made up are in the album.  below are the people i did.  some color enhancements were done on some of the pictures, but you still see the over all effect.  for the full photo album, click here.

some more pictures of the bride (she is the only one i did in these pics)


 i did the girl in the flower shirt


 i did the guy on the far left and the girl


i did the girl in the white shirt and the girl in the plaid shirt


and of course, i had to save the best for last

love, love, love that pic.  and i don't care what you say alex, it's perfectly ok to find a zombie sexy.  melanie will totally back me up on this.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

wtf body

i have no idea what's going on with my body.  other than having back pains today, i was feeling pretty ok.  no dizziness, the dry heaving had stopped, things were starting to look ok.  and then for no apparent reason i just up chucked some that i ate two days ago on my lunch break.  felt totally fine before, and aside from being grossed out, feel totally fine after.  this is just getting really frustrating.  i wish i would either just be sick and get over with it in a few days, or be fine and not worry about it.  all this going back and forth stuff is really messing me up.  and on a related note, anyone know a good pain killer that won't upset my stomach any more than it is?  i really don't want to trigger a night of sleeping next to the toilet.  pretty sure that won't make my back any better.