Monday, July 4, 2011

how to not win my heart

so i really have been have like zero luck finding a decent guy in this town.  this would be my most recent example.  last friday i went to in-n-out and the zoo with this guy.  before we had met up, we had been texting for a few days, and i had been starting to have reservations about the whole thing because he was coming off as potentially being clingy.  but i figured i would have given him the benefit of the doubt and continue with our plans.  kinda wish i hadn't.  i think i spent a grand total of about two hours (actually less, now i think about it) with this guy.  i left party because it was nine million degrees outside and it was way too hot to stay at the zoo any longer, and partly because i wasn't feeling into him enough to deal with the nine million degree heat.  he had asked me if i wanted to come over for a movie night with him, which i politely declined.  he also asked me if i wanted to go to karaoke with him the next day and meet his family.  i said i had plans.  so later that night i was at home, doing my pvp thing on WoW with my guild.  he kept texting me, and i didn't respond too quickly because that's hard to do when you are shooting magic arrows at an orc's face.  so he texted me more, asking me what i was doing.  i was finally at a stopping point so i told him what i was doing and i couldn't fight and text.  so instead of waiting for me to let him know if i was available to talk, he kept texting me like every hour to see if i was done yet.

so by this point i am far from wanting to meet up with this guy again.  so i send him a message saying that i didn't feel a romantic type connection and would not be interested in pursuing this past a friendship only level.  his response was "ok. i dont think we got much of a chance to see but you feel what you feel. i would love to still be your friend.  im not gonna lie though, your cute, sweet and really awesome so im definately bummed"*  so i figure i'm ok now and he's got the point.  apparently i was wrong.  

last night i get a text from him asking "so am i just not your type?"  i responded by telling him that he came of as clingy in his texts and that wanting me to meet his family after just meeting him was just a bit too much.  i got the following texts in response to that: "oh i didnt mean to seem that way.  im not clingy at all.  i was just enjoying talking to you because your awesome."  "everyone i know meets my family because they are cool people.  i didnt want you to get creeped out by a kind gesture."  i didn't respond because quite frankly i didn't want to engage this conversation any further, so ten minutes later i get this: "im sorry if i freaked you out.  i know we have a lot in common and the same outlooks on things,  i guess i just got too excited..."  i still didn't respond, and so far i have not heard anything else from this guy, so hopefully that is the end of it. 

so i have a few words of advice to this guy in case of the off chance that he reads this one day.  first off, tone it down like ten notches.  while eventually i would want someone to meet my family also, it would be after like at least a month of dating, not after the first date.  as alex put it, this guy would have probably been wanting to elope off to vegas after like two weeks.  also, if a girl says she can't talk right now, don't keep asking her if she's free yet.  it's annoying.  and lastly (for now), learn the proper uses of "your" and "you're."  while i suck at spelling (and i literally don't know what i would do with out spell check) i at least know basic things like that.  i think we went over that back in fourth grade. **

*just an fyi, i'm not changing any of his spelling, grammar, sentence structure, anything.  using direct quotes here
** i am also aware that due to the laws of the internet, since i have pointed out someone's spelling and/or grammatical errors, this post will have at least three of my own spelling and/or grammatical errors that i did not see when proof reading 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

not even my bras are safe

so we have established that my panties are not safe from the fail ninja.  as of tonight, neither are my bras. out of all the places in my apartment that she could have chosen to sleep at, she picked right on top of my bra.  she has already tried to steal the straps a few times, but apparently that wasn't enough for her.  she has now laid claim (quite literally) to the entire thing.  le sigh.  my poor undergarments.