Thursday, July 5, 2012

my apartment is haunted

well, not really.  but i sorta wish it was so i could be saved by this hot hunk of man meat:

as i mentioned recently, i've been watching a lot of supernatural lately.  and watching it before i go to bed is probably not the best idea, seeing as how it gives me weird dreams, or in this case makes me think my apartment is haunted.  it was like three or four in the morning and i woke up because i sorta kinda thought i heard something.  i looked around and the whole floor in front of my bathroom door was pitch black, and considering i have light tan carpet, well that just wasn't normal.  so rationally the first thing i think if demon smoke.  but then my eyes adjusted a little and i could tell it was something solid, and not evil black smoke.  but by this time i had realized that the fail ninja was flipping the fuck out, like staring at the spot, her hair all standing up and all fizzed out.  and since it's a theory that animals can pick up on ghosts, and i'm half delusion from not being fully awake, i'm starting to think ghost stuff makes more sense.  i didn't want to get out of bed, so i'm trying to think what could possibly be in my apartment that was black and large enough to cover that area of floor and the only thing i can think of is a blanket i have.  which is a comforter and slightly heavy for a blanket.  and is folded up on the floor at the foot of my bed which is like six feet away from where i'm looking.  and has one of those super heavy boyfriend pillows* on top of it. so i know there is no way physically possible that the cat could have moved the blanket over there.  and i'm assuming if she had, she wouldn't be freaking out about it this much.  now i know it was totally moved by ghosts.  so i finally get brave enough to grab a flashlight off my desk, and much to my relief, i found out it was not the blanket.  it was in fact my duffel bag.  it has a black bottom, so it must have fallen off the shelf it was on in the closet and just landed face down on the floor.  which made way more sense that ghosts rearranging my bedclothes.**  overall, very relieved about that.  still, slightly disappointed because no rescue by dean.  guess i'll have to find another way.

* just the kind that are sturdy and have arms and are good to use when watching tv or reading.  not the super creepers ones that actually try to mimic a human torso that lonely desperate people own.  
** also my new favorite word for blanket

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

all wired up

and i mean that very literally.  i'm currently sitting at home with five wires taped to my chest so this thing that looks like an old school cell phone can record my echocardiogram report for twenty four hours.  it's loads of fun.  i can't wear my necklace, so i feel totally naked.  and my boobs are so damn big that two of the wires are actually taped under them, which is super awkward feeling.  i'm just hoping this is worth it an it actually picks up when my heart starts being stupid.  at least they have like a two day turn around, so i should have my results back by next week and can figure out what the next step is.  until then, i get to sit here all plugged in trying to do my normal thing. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a little scared

and no, it's not because i've been watching a shit ton of supernatural lately.  it's because next tuesday i'm going to the doctor to have them check out my heart.  for the past few days, i've been having what feels like an irregular heart beat on occasion.  today it was happening like hourly, so i made myself an appointment.  sometimes it sorta feels like i skip a beat, sometimes it feels like my heart is contracting extra hard, sometimes my chest feels a little tight.  i listened to it at work, and from what i can tell it doesn't sound like there is a murmur, but it's totally possible i'm wrong.  it does run in the family; my grandma had a murmur, my mom has a valve issue.  i'm hoping it turns out to be nothing, and that they just tell me to cut back on caffeine or something.  but i also know there's a chance that there may be something wrong.  so i'm nervous.  at least this doctor could see me next week.  first place i called couldn't see me until august.  and considering it's my heart and i only have one of those, i figured it was probably best not to wait that long.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

i'm in love...

...with my tattoo guy.  because he did an amazing job on my pin up.  took about two and a half hours from start to finish.  didn't hurt too bad, just had a few involuntary twitches when the needle hit a nerve.  my shoulder actually bothered me more than the tattoo did.  stupid joint just kept getting stiff.  but it was worth it.  it turned out way better than i was expecting, and i love the colors.  it's still really fresh, and that's sorta obvious in the pics, but here are some close ups on some of the details, as well as an over all view of it.  also, i wish i had her boots in real life.

as a side note, some girl came in to get a normal ear piercing while i was there (her first one).  she kinda freaked out when she saw i was getting tattooed, she's screamed when she got the piercings done, and she wouldn't let the guy wash the piercing mark off after because she thought it would make it hurt even more.  n00b

Friday, June 15, 2012


so i'm getting a new tattoo tomorrow, and i have the pre-tattoo jitters.   not in the sense that i'm nervous or scared about it, but more like an "OMG! OMG! OMG! LET'S GET THIS DONE! YAY!" kinda way.  i got the final picture today, and it's going to be awesome!  keep in mind that this is just the outline, it's going to be in color.  i'll be sure to post pics after it's done.  but until then, i'm just going to sit here and "squeeeeeee!" with excitement.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

why i love editing

so i have a love/hate relationship with photo editing.  i hate it because it takes a really fucking long time to sort through six hundred plus pictures to choose the good ones, and then edit the ones that need it.  and while i don't do any major editing (as in i don't change what is in the picture in any way), i do things like glare reduction or color correction or changing it to black and white, and quite frankly that takes a long ass time.  on the plus side, i end up with some amazing pictures that i totally fall in love with.  this weekend was a great example of that.  i went to the western states horse expo with my mom, and i literally took six hundred and sixty four pictures.  a lot of this was due to the fact the horses move, so i was using the sports capture setting, which takes a shit ton of pictures at a crazy fast shutter speed over a short period of time.  so i end up wait a lot of excess pictures.  i whittled it down to fifty six pictures that i wanted to spend the time editing and posting.  oh and just so you can see why i love editing, i turned this average picture of a fresian mare:

 into this:

which was one of my favorite picture of the day, just by cropping it down and changing the color.  my second favorite picture of the day was my mom being all horse whisper like with a filly that was for sale.  again, all i did was crop and color change, and i seriously love how it turned out.

as usual, click here if you want to see the other fifty four pictures.  i'm very happy with how they turned out.  editing is definitely a labor of love for me.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

feline pretzel

so while my cat may be totally fail at being a ninja, she is in fact pretty damn pro at being a pretzel.  and she totally puts herself in these positions, i couldn't stage it even if i wanted to. 

i have no idea how any of that is any form of comfortable.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the empty hallway

so i've been playing a shit ton of diablo III lately.  sergio says i'm addicted.  i say he has no room to talk because every time i've been on diablo, he's been on WoW.  so he can just suck it.  anywho, if diablo has taught me anything, it is to be very, very afraid of seemingly empty hallways.  because 99.99% of the time, they aren't empty.  usually there is something lurking just beyond view, waiting, somewhat silently, for you to get just close enough for it to jump out and eat your face.  which kinda sucks monkey balls.  mostly because i have no idea how big the group is going to be.  half the time it's something giant that could crush me with it's pinky toe.  the other half the time it's twenty thousand pain in the ass little demons that like to gang up on you.  either way, it's made me crazy paranoid about hallways.  and as of right now, my demon hunter is level twenty eight and i have only ever once been in a hallway that was truly empty.  it was a total mind fuck. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a good night

so tonight was a good night.  it was payday, which means i have money now.  and since i had money, it meant i could go get this:


which i very happily nommed away on, and then was promptly sad that i had no more after i was finished.  to console myself for the lack of more in-n-out, i opened my mail.  in which i found these:

my throwing knives!  so along with being half pirate, i am now also part ninja.  and yes, they are rainbow colored.  because i could and because wanted girly knives.  oh and the other good thing about tonight was that diablo III was finally working, so i got to play that for a few hours.  so pretty much the only thing that could have made tonight better was sex, or killing the skeleton king (who apparently wants to eat my face and kinda sorta succeeded at doing so), but both of those will sadly have to wait until tomorrow.  le sigh.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

song choice

so i'm trying to pick a few songs to dance to.  these are some of the ones i'm considering doing a fan dance to.  the second one is actually one of my favorite, but i'm just concerned that it may be a little too slow.  i think the last one may be a little too slow also.  the first one i just think it funny.  please let me know what you think, or if you have any other suggestions.  thanks!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

treasure chest

so that's my new stage name.  yep, a stage name.  i joined a burlesque troupe, and well the name kinda picked me.  partly due to me being half pirate* and well, other aspects.  other DDD aspects.  but i'm crazy excited about this.  if you couldn't figure it out, my character is mostly based on a pirate.  and since they make pasties in the shape of skulls and cross bones that have glitter on them, i couldn't be happier.  i'm currently working out my routine, one of which involves rum and throwing knives along with a brave audience member, set (hopefully) to the theme song from pirates of the caribbean.  the other depends on if i win these amazing feather fans on ebay.  if i do, i get to fan dance.  if i don't, i need a new idea.  but i have a new excuse to buy shoes and make costumes.  and i get to live out my alter ego as a pirate pin up.  we already have people interested in seeing us preform.  if things go well, we may be doing a show as soon as next month.  the thing that drew me to burlesque is that you don't have to be classically pretty to do well in it.  it's way more open to quirks and alternative appearance.  and it's also way more entertaining than being just a stripper.  and the boy is even ok with me doing it, which makes it all that much better.  just no one tell my mom!  now if you'll excuse me, i have some corset shopping to do.

*according to shannon, i'm half pirate.  and since she is irish, she has determined that if we are ever alone on a deserted island, we will find a way to make rum

Thursday, April 26, 2012

why i need to just stay quiet

so my mom is coming down for the weekend tomorrow.  and she's bringing me a new bike.  and we're getting drunk off whipped cream vodka on friday night and going to dinner at tahoe joe's saturday night.  and she's buying me food and stuff.  but anyway, my mom has a tendency to set me up to mess with her head a lot.  and i know i shouldn't, but it's really fun to do.  so we're talking today about the oh so exciting topic of when i last had a pelvic exam done, and i tell her it's been a while but i wasn't too worried since all my other ones were normal and i know the number of people i've slept with and it's not a huge number.  she replies that's a good thing because sleeping around is bad.  so just because i thought it was funny, i told her that i usually mostly try to not do that too often.  and because she's a mom, she has now determined that we need to have "a talk" when she gets here tomorrow.  fml

ps  not super happy with how blogger changed it's layout.  it took me like three days to figure out how to add a new post and how to check my stats.  fuck you change!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

on to the next

so i finally got to have sex again this week, so yay for that.  like i've said before, i get kinda crazy when i'm not getting some on the regular.  i was supposed to wait a full freakin' month to let my piercing heal up all the way, but i pretty much just said "fuck you" to that and just waited the two weeks while i had to keep it clean.  but now that i'm getting laid again, my mind is slightly clearer so i can start trying to write more often again.  on to the next!

oh and i really do have a next, i wasn't totally making that up.  i finally have a date to get my pin up tattoo.  for anyone who is new or anyone with a bad memory, i'm getting a pirate pin up in the sailor jerry style, sitting on an anchor, on the back of my left calf.  went and talked to my guy about it today.  set a date for june 16.  should have some sketches to share by the end of next month.  super excited about it, and it's going to be right in the price range that i was expecting.  i would like to try to get one more tattoo done before the end of the year as well.  i've decided that i want to get a pair of swallows as a clavicle tattoo.  for those that aren't into anatomy, your clavicle is your collar bone.  plan on getting those in the old school style also, but i will probably draw those.  i can't draw people, but i can draw birds.  also wanting to soften the colors on them a bit.  normally, they're done in really bold primary colors.  i think i still want to use a nice royal blue as the top color, but will probably use a soft pink as the undertones to make it a bit more feminine.  i like the balance of old style tattoo meets cute girly tattoo.  

as for the reason why i'm trying to get a total of three tattoos this year, well i want to be able to enjoy them for as long as i can before my skin gets all old and wrinkly.  the good thing is that all of my tattoos so far are very easy to cover with clothing if i don't feel like showing them off.  if i wear converse, pants, and a t-shirt, no one would know i had any work done unless i told them.  eventually i want a wrist tattoo and perhaps one behind the ear, but i want to be a little more established into a career before i do that.  but i figure four will totally hold me over for a while.  or not.  like my boyfriend said, he only intended on ever getting one (he has fourteen as of right now).  well, the five more piercings i plan on getting might help also.  just don't tell my mom, she doesn't want to know.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

why parents shouldn't text message

wow so my dad really needs to learn how to read his texts before sending them.  really wish i had a smart phone right now just so i could screen cap this and post the pic, but since i don't, here it goes.  bold is him, italicized is me. 

what up homo?

dad! reread what you just sent me!

what it b
can't you take a joke?

you need to turn off your auto correct so it doesn't call people bad names

what's a bad name, homey

reread what you sent.  your phone changed it to homo

but your not, you're my daughter

yeah i know.  turn off auto correct.  why does your phone know that word anyway?

not that there is anything wrong with it

that's still not a nice way to put it

ok i will look into it

how many people are you calling that name that your phone uses it for auto correct?

my bad

fail dad.  just fail

what's fail mean?

it means you failed at texting

maybe you failed at a joke?

just go fix your phone and try again when it will use nice words

yes dear :-) you are your monthers daughter

at least mom's phone doesn't call me bad names 

good night gracie*

you're a dork

*gracie is my mom's dog.  my dad says he uses that because it's from some show with george burns and gracie allen, but i have my doubts.**
** not doubting that it was on the show, the interwebs proved that was true,  but because that's why he says it

Saturday, April 7, 2012

it's never too early

so since there is no blizzcon this year, i get to spend extra time on a halloween costume.  as of right now, my plan is steampunk zombie.  this is totally subject to change several times between now and then, but it's what i'm leaning toward as of right now.  a large portion of this is because it will give me an excuse to buy a shit ton of steampunk jewelry and accessories, which i can always reuse later at a con or just for every day use.  it also gives me more chances to do some crazy effects makeup.  i've already been plotting new idea for zombies march, and this way i'll be able to practice them on other people first before doing it on myself.  i'm going to add leg wounds, as well using things like cereal to add more weird skin textures, and i want to try out some things i saw with scar wax.  now if you'll excuse me, i have some window shopping to do. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the mystery of the sphynx

so in a random thought i had the other day, i decided that i am now going to refer to my downstairs area as my shpynx.  not sphinx as in the winged lion with a woman's head in eqypt. but shpynx as in the breed of hairless cat.  think about that for a minute and just let that sink in.  once you can appreciate how witty and clever that is, move on to the rest of the post.

so today, i decided that the sphynx need some treasure in the form of a curved barbell.  and that curved barbell came via a vch piercing.  look it up if you need to.  just don't do it if you're at work or in front of your grandma.  that might make things a little awkward.  ok so everyone knows what i'm talking about now?  good.  and no, it really doesn't hurt that bad.  i went to see ed (like i always do) and i just adore him.  he makes me feel so comfortable and not creeped out at all that he's staring at my sphynix, contemplating the best way to stab it.  i had to go it alone since my boyfriend got stuck babysitting his nieces tonight.  i really need to bring a stress ball or something when i do that, because i usually like to squeeze someone's hand when i get pierced, and that doesn't work so well when one hand is holding you undies out of the way.  so since i know some people actually do want to know, here's how it went down:

so like i said, i had to go alone.  it was surprisingly busy for a wednesday night, so i had to wait about an hour.  not like i minded, the couch they have there is insanely comfortable.  like i could sleep on it every night and wake up feel great.  also, i didn't want to go back to my car because there were some crazy bums high on something in the parking lot and i didn't want to deal with them.  when it gets to my turn, ed actually remembers what i wanted to get pierced since i talked to him about it a month or two ago when i went in to buy some new monroe jewelry.  as he put it, he wore his "hood piercing shirt" that day.  so he's getting all set up and explaining to me what the process is going to be.  so i get all settled on the chair and he's doing his thing to prep the area.  he stops and tells me "not to be weird or anything, but thank you so much for taking care of things before you came in.  you have no idea how many people come in for this and haven't showered first."  i just laugh and tell him that i did laundry last night so i would have clean undies to wear, just for him.  so he gets the area all prepped, places the mark where he's going to pierce, and places a receiving tube under the skin.  which just felt weird, considering things don't ever go under there.  overall, everything is fine so far.  so we're getting ready to do the count, and he counts one, and then i hear "oh shit."  

basically not something i want to hear with a needle near my shpynx.  so he tells me it's ok, he just realized that he wanted to changed the angle a little bit first to make for a better piercing and he felt bad since the needle was next to my skin when he had to do it.  so he adjust everything, does the real three count, and stabs me with a needle.  honestly, not near as bad as you would expect.  there is like five seconds of really sharp pain, and then nothing.  it literally feels like nothing happened at all less than a minute after getting it done.  even now as i'm sitting here, the only time i feel it is if i lean forward because it puts a little pressure on the area.  sitting up, it's like nothing at all.  and it looks amazing.  i'm glad he readjusted because the placing is just perfect.  totally straight, lined up where it should be, and the bottom bead of the barbell sits exactly where it should be.  only downside is that i can't have sex for a little while now.  but once i can, it will so make this worth it.

Monday, March 19, 2012

i really need to stop doing this

ok so lately i've been watching a lot of ghost hunters: international and fact or faked: paranormal files on netflix.  the problem is that i've been watching them before i go to bed.  at the very least, it makes me have weird ass dreams.  depending on what's going on in the show, it also makes me stupidly jumpy.  the episode i was watching last night was talking  about how some guy had supposedly watched his dog get ripped in half by an alien (spoiler: he didn't, they disproved everything).  but right as this guy is talking about his dog having it's face torn in half, i hear my cat running around all crazy, so i look over and she is just flipping the fuck out.  right then i hear this really weird scratching/shuffling noise at my front door and i swear my heart stopped.  because of course the first thing that pops into my head is that it's something paranormal that's come to eat my face. so in my head i'm thinking i will look outside and see this:

but in all reality, what i see is this:

you know, see those side by side, i really don't think i was too far off.  i think i had a reason to be scared, that thing totally would have eaten my face.  fucking opossums. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

the endurance test

so as you all know, yesterday was my second favorite holiday.  this year it was especially awesome since it was on a saturday.  this meant i was paid the day before, and i didn't have to work the day of or the day after.  this also meant that we woke up at the ass crack of dawn (around 4:15ish in the morning) so that we could go get breakfast and then go get in line at the bar, thus ensuring that we were some of the first people in.  this allowed to to get free stuff that was set out on the bar, as well as stake a claim for prime seating.  and wow i am glad we did that because the place was packed.  i don't know how many drinks exactly that i ended up having, but i do know that four of them were free.  i also know that i still had money left over at the end of the night, so that was even better.  and aside from one middle aged women trying to steal my seat when i went to the bathroom, there were no problems at all the whole day.  and considering that we were there until about 9:30 pm, and that the place was full of drunk people, i think that's a pretty good record.  and i think that us lasting for over fifteen hours is also a pretty good record.  and i wasn't even hung over this morning.  several of the regular people at the bar are now calling my boyfriend and me their heroes, because we out lasted every one.  yeah, we're cool like that.  oh and just so i have more to brag about, a shot (ha!) of my free stuff that i got yesterday (not including the stuff i gave to other people): 

that would be a light up shot glass, a button, and a t-shirt, all from jameson.  it's ok to be jealous.  i did have to trade my boyfriend a jameson wrist band to get the shot glass, but it was worth.  mostly for the fact because that was the only way i could get him to stop blinding me with the damn thing.  that light is bright! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

going barefoot

note to self:  do NOT wear heels down town again unless i have a ride home.  while my apartment is close enough to comfortably walk to and from the bars in my converse, it is apparently way too far to walk to and from the bars in heels.  it doesn't matter how cute the shoes are, it is so not worth it.  my feet hate me with the burning passion of a thousand fiery suns right now.  and i'm pretty sure i have open sores on the bottoms of them as well, or blisters at the very least.  damn my need to feel cute tonight!  i had to actually take my shoes off half way home and just go barefoot the rest of the way because i couldn't take it anymore.  so i survived the mile there, but only about half a mile on the way back.  and i just spent the last five minutes scrubbing the shit out of the bottom of my feet to remove all the nasty sidewalk stuff that i'm sure got on them.  i don't want pin worm or e. coli or whatever the hell disease the sidewalks can give you.  and when i go out for st. patrick's day next week, i'm sticking with the converse.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the way to my heart... to buy me shoes.  well, it's a little more complicated than that, but shoes will definitely give you a major advantage.  because if you hadn't picked up on it before, i freakin' love shoes.  and for some reasons, this usually surprises people when they first learn it.  i guess i don't normally come off as having a girly side, but trust me, it's there.  for example, here is a very, very brief preview of my shoe collection:

seriously, super small sample.  this doesn't show any of my converse or tennis shoes.  or the other pairs of heels that i have.  nor does it show my flip flop collection (i swear i have a pair in every color).  but these are some of my favorites.  especially the red ones and the black heels with the white ribbon.  and if any one wants to buy me these (or literally anything else from their site), or these, or these in any color, i will love you forever.  oh and in case you think i'm the only one in my family with a crazy shoe obsession, check out this:

those belong to my brother.  and he has more in the closet.  so yeah, my shoe addition really isn't all that bad.  at least they look cute on me.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

drama llama

ok well technically that is a drama alpaca, but that doesn't rhyme quite so nicely.  but anyway, who ever told the drama llama that it needed to visit me today, all i have to say is fuck you asshole!  may the fleas of a thousand camels assault your crotch and may your arms be too short to scratch.  because i have enough every day drama of my own, and i really don't need to add to it.  the extremely abridged version of the story is that some women are just fucking crazy.  don't want to post too many details on here just because it involves other people as well and i don't want to impose too much on their privacy.  but if every one could just make me a promise right now, and agree not to marry crazy people, the world would be a better place.  mmmmmmk? now if you'll excuse me, this stress headache is killing me and i need to go down about a thousand more milligrams of ibuprofen.  because my liver doesn't already hate me enough from my large amounts of alcohol consumption.  guess i better start saving up for a new one now. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

standing still is hard to do

yeah this was sooooo not happening today
apparently that was the problem my horse was having today.  he stood perfectly fine for the farrier but apparently throwing a saddle on him totally caused him to forget that he possessed that ability.  i guess he was using the thoroughbred racing side of his brain today.  whenever i asked him to stop, he kept trying to creep forward.  apparently he thought i wouldn't notice that the thing i was sitting on was suddenly moving.   and walking quietly was just too boring or something, because he kept trying to go faster.  and so was walking in a straight line because he decided it would be much more fun to go down the side of the arena sideways.  so i gave up on the arena work, because i wasn't really enjoying the feeling of being atop a thousand pound loaded rocket in such a large space.  so onto the round pen we went.  where he proceeded to try and call out to any other horse that might listen to him like every five minutes.  sadly for him, none of the other horses seemed to give a shit, and they refused to leap out of their pens and somehow open the door to the round pen and set him free.  which meant he was stuck with me until he stops his little temper tantrum.  which meant he had to walk.  stop.  walk.  stop.  walk.  stop.  until he stopped acting all stupid about it.  which took like an hour an a half.  i had to run him for about ten minutes just to take the edge off of him, and then there was eighty minutes of walking.  he is far too well trained to get away with shit like that.  he just felt like he should be allowed to run as much as he wanted and got super pissy because i told him no.  just like a little kid.  only when a four year old has a hissy fit, they are far less likely to throw you into a fence than a horse is.  luckily that didn't happen today, but it was still just as annoying.  let's hope he's over it by the next time i ride.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

to my valentine ...

 ... who happens to be a bottle of sailor jerry because my boyfriend threw out his stupid back and is laying at home all loopy on pain meds.  oh, and i know i've made jokes about me beings a pro drinker and all, but the sad part is that it's kinda true.  the glass there on the left only has rum in it so far.  and that's my "starter drink."  which mean i'll end up adding more rum as the night goes on.  and considering that the sailor jerry was on sale for only $12 (apparently rite aid is aware that the single people also need some love today), this could be a slightly less shitty night.  even through i'm not really overly romantic on valentine's day (hell my gift to my guy is a jameson drinking glass), i do like to spend it with someone.  so being stuck at home alone with the cat has kind of put me in a sour mood.  at least he's taking me to the zoo this weekend.  and due to the fact that i'm a giant kid sometimes, shit like that makes me stupidly happy.  but until then, i'm going to be grouchy.  to all my single friends, i'll do a shot for you.  and just to keep things on the classy side:

skull and cross bones ice cubes.  because yes, i am that awesome.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

happy birthday to me!

so i'm old today.  a whole twenty six years.  in order to make myself feel better about it, i bought myself two birthday gifts.  first off, the one i've been talking about for like the past month: my tattoo!  it's took a little over two hours and hurt like a bitch, but it was totally worth it. it's still a bit red and such, so the shading isn't as detailed as it will be once it heals, but here's a first picture of the final product:

there's still a lot of excess ink and such on my skin because i took this right after the wrap came off, so just kind of ignore that.  i'll post another pic in a few weeks once it heals up.  oh and for part two of my gifts to myself:

shoes!  just because i like shoes.  and they were cute.  so why the hell not.  i'm using the excuse that i needed new shoes to wear when i go out tonight, but it's mostly just because i like shoes and they look cute.  and i don't have any red shoes yet, so it works.  now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to take a nap before i drink the night away.  happy birthday to me!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

feeling like a pirate

this is what happens when i get bored and find costume parts
i think i would have made a pretty bad ass pirate captain.  first off,  i look pretty damn good as a pirate, which is evident in some of my previous halloween costumes.  i got that tattoo thing covered.  also, i can sing all of their songs.  and pirate songs are the only songs that i really sing well.  i'm trying to figure out a way to record that and once i do i'll most likely post it here.  and most importantly, i'm good at drinking rum.  like really good at it.  seriously, i drink like a fucking fish.  so all i really need is a ship and a crew.  i already have the flag.  and if i remember correctly, jefe owes me a ship.  i think there was some kind of deal where he had to be second in command or something like that, i don't know.  if i split the rum with him, i'm sure he'd go along with it.  oh and then he would be a drunk pirate.  which would give me another excuse to sing "drunken sailor."  i think this situation is win all around.

Friday, January 27, 2012

back to black

not only is that an awesome song, it's also my ring tone.  and as of 6:30 tonight, it's also the color of my hair.  i got tired of my hair.  this happens like every six months or so.  and since i didn't want to cut it, i dyed it.  this time, i went dark.  i haven't done black in a few years, and i really like how it looked.  so i went back to it.  and i'm very happy with it.  if only i could add the cherry red now.  oh well.  that's just going to have to wait.  i have an interview tomorrow, and not sure how they would feel about that.  i'll just have to rock this for now.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

lucky for her

all i have to say for tonight is that my cat is very lucky that she doesn't know the difference between good singing and bad singing.  my arena partner in Wow, not so lucky for him.  because he actually sings really, really well.  and i really, really don't.  unless you're drunk when you hear me, then i'm fucking amazing.  but the song "mad world" (also known as the donnie darko song) came on my playlist tonight.  and if you have ever heard this song before, you can't help but sing along.  and i was doing this while skyping with said arena partner, so yeah.  he had to sorta suffer through my singing, but at least he likes me enough to put up with it.  and the cat loves me no matter what since i feed her, so i'm good in that area.  now if you'll excuse me, i'm off to go sing in the shower and pretend that i'm awesome at it.

 p.s. alex, i want to do karaoke.  and chance of that happeneing next time you're here?

Monday, January 23, 2012

omg grilled cheese!

so i think i sorta touched on this before, but i randomly get these pregnant lady level cravings for certain types of food.  lately it's been grilled cheese.  i got one on saturday night when we were out drinking.  it was pretty amazing.  partly because i had drunk munchies, and partly just because it tasted really good.  and to make that even better, i was allowed to bring it back inside the bar and properly enjoy it with a rum and coke.  but instead of making my grilled cheese craving go away, it just made it worse.  and now i want one again.  and i will totally creeper stare at someone like this girl is if it means it will cause them to make me a grilled cheese.  i have no problem with making someone uncomfortable enough that they cave in and do what i want.  who cares if it makes them think i'm weird?  i just got a free sandwich out of it.  totally worth it.