Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a little scared

and no, it's not because i've been watching a shit ton of supernatural lately.  it's because next tuesday i'm going to the doctor to have them check out my heart.  for the past few days, i've been having what feels like an irregular heart beat on occasion.  today it was happening like hourly, so i made myself an appointment.  sometimes it sorta feels like i skip a beat, sometimes it feels like my heart is contracting extra hard, sometimes my chest feels a little tight.  i listened to it at work, and from what i can tell it doesn't sound like there is a murmur, but it's totally possible i'm wrong.  it does run in the family; my grandma had a murmur, my mom has a valve issue.  i'm hoping it turns out to be nothing, and that they just tell me to cut back on caffeine or something.  but i also know there's a chance that there may be something wrong.  so i'm nervous.  at least this doctor could see me next week.  first place i called couldn't see me until august.  and considering it's my heart and i only have one of those, i figured it was probably best not to wait that long.

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