Thursday, February 24, 2011

pineapple! or happy birthday drak!

so i was planning on doing this post before i realized that it was drak's birthday today.  but now that i know it is, it seems even more fitting to do this post today.  anyway, drak is a guy i know from WoW.  he's in my guild.  and yes, drak is his WoW name and not his real name.  aside from playing WoW, he has this little side project that he likes to call "being in the army."  the government, for some crazy reason, seems to find this more important than his WoW time, so they decided to ship him out.  he is in an infantry platoon and is currently about two months into a twelve month deployment to afghanistan.  if i remember correctly, this is his third deployment.  and he decided to do something a little different this time around.

drak has decided to make a podcast about the experience of this deployment.  obviously, certain things need to be edited or censored for security and safety reasons, and because of this there is a lot of random usage of the word "pineapple."  but other than that, not much is held back.  it is by no means politically correct.  there is a lot of guy humor and cussing going on, and if you're a pussy and get easily offended you shouldn't listen to it.  but i think it's all really, really interesting and most times extremely funny to listen to.  a lot of it might seem a little crass, but it's a coping strategy.  they deal with a lot of shit over there, so if crude jokes make it easier to deal with, i say go for it.  so every one go support your troops, listen to thenotsoquietprofessionals.  and to SFC Cormac and the rest of the platoon, stay safe, come home in one piece, and keep making these podcast because i usually end up laughing so hard that it scares my cat.  and if there is a way to send pizza to afghanistan, let me know and i'll make it happen.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

trying something different

so lately i have been suffering from a pretty severe case of writer's block, which is why my posting has been so infrequent this month.  and like alex pointed out to me the other day, lately my blog has just been about sex and video games.  and while i am very fond of these topics, writing about the same things over and over can get pretty boring, for both me and you.  so i'm trying something new.  i'm going to do some reader's choice topics.  that's right, i'm leaving it up to you guys to give me some creative influence.  leave a comment here, e-mail me through the blog, or send me a message on my facebook if you have it.  i'll write about any pretty much any topic you want, as long as it's in reason.  i'll also give you credit for the idea if you're ok with it.  so come on people.  send me some good ones.  the part of my brain that comes up with cleaver blog topics needs a good kick in the ass to get it jump started again.

p.s. i started a facebook page for my photography.  every one go "like" it.  do it!  do it now!  or else!  what is the "or else" you ask?  the or else is that i will find a way to forever ruin sexy rumpus for you.  and you don't want that now, do you?  so just make this easy on yourself.  "like" my picture page and no one gets hurt.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

so i'm kinda sorta wanting to do this for all the wrong reasons

so most people know what steampunk is.  and by know i mean they have heard about it in some way, shape or form.  i don't know a lot about the back story myself, or any of the writings, stories, beliefs, religious systems, deities, or deep rooted political uprisings* that may or may not be involved with the genera itself.  i don't really know if the people involved have like secret meetings, form clubs together, or just randomly yell at each other on line.  what i do know is that these people go to conventions.  and when they do, holly hell do they go all out!  so basically, i want to join steampunk.   and the only reason is because of the costumes.  like seriously, some of these things are amazing!  the crazy detail and oddity that gets put into each character to make them unique is just ridiculously appealing to me.  just the jewelry alone is mindbogglingly intricate and i want to own almost every piece i have seen.  and any costume where it is ok for me to wear a corset, fancy boots, and have more than one type of flask as an accessory is a good costume.  apparently there is even a pirate subcategory, which makes this all the more appealing.  and the guys dress up too!  and honestly, a lot of them are pretty hot (or at least my version of hot, which based on my relationship history is nerdy, skrony white boys, glasses optional).  and the fact that they are nerdy enough to go to a convention dressed up, well that alone is about enough to pull them into a dark corner and....yeah we'll leave that undiscussed.  but back on track now.  i really, really, really want to start doing this.  you should all know about my love of costumes by now.  and if the costume is awesome enough or the group is nerdy enough, i'm all over that like white on rice.  now how do i get started?

source unknown.  but check out the guys on the left.  and the one in the top hot, the level of nerd there is enough to totally push me over the edge.  the guy who looks like he should be in the jungle book? not so much.

*any or all of these things could be a figment of my imagination.  like i said, i don't know.  i haven't even read the page that i linked to.  but hey, it's wikipedia.  they wouldn't lie to you, right?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

more sexy rumpus!

so i realized too late that my last post was my sixty ninth post.  i feel that more sexy rumpus should have been discussed in honor of that (and yes, that is now my new favorite phrase).  so i'm making up for it today.  i alluded to this topic in the last post, and i feel it might be a good idea to fully explain my feelings on it.  today we're talking about causal sex.  i think a lot of people get the wrong impression when i say i'm ok with it.  first i want to say that being comfortable enough with yourself to have sex without loving the person does not make you a skank.  sleeping with anything that moves makes you a skank.  if you have your own set of standards, are emotionally stable enough to handle this type of engagement, and can trust the other person enough to a) not give you a disease b) not get overly clingy and c) realize that you are using them for sex and be ok with it, then go for it.  i think sex is a totally natural human experience.  while it is better when love is a part of it, there is also something very thrilling just to be having sex for the sake of having sex.

for those of you who know me personally, none of the above should come as a shock to you.  for those of you who just know me from the interwebs, i am very open about that fact that i have a fuck buddy.  but i am going to respect his privacy, so i'm not giving him a name here (if i've ever made a reference to "my guy," i'm talking about him).  admittedly, the fucking part did come first, which ended up creating the friends part.  wasn't really something i was planning on, but i'm have no problem with how it turned out either.  for various reasons, we both found it best to not be in an traditional boyfriend/girlfriend style relationship.  but we both understand that physical needs of single people need to be met just as much as the physical needs of attached couples, so we might as well have some fun until one of us finds a real relationship or moves to a new state.  

now keep in mind that i am not promoting stupid casual sex.  i'm promoting having fun, not being a dumb ass.  taking new people home when one or both of you is drunk is never a good idea because there is just too much room for error in those situations.   and it is never, never, never ok to cheat on someone or knowingly help someone else to cheat.  also, just use common sense.  be safe about it.  don't end up with any love babies or medical conditions that you don't want to explain to your parents.

and because i have a feeling that alex will tell me there was not enough sexy rumpus mentioned in this post, i have this little word of advice for any of the girls who have ever thought about getting their nipples pierced: do it!  do it now.  stop reading this and go get it done.  the stories are true, it makes a huge difference.  probably the best $50 i've spent in a long time. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy single's awareness day!

i'm happy that it's valentine's day today.  not because i'm going to spend it with someone special and have an overly mushy and romantic evening with an over priced dinner and cliche gifts followed by tender love making and falling asleep in each others arms and all that other shit that you're are supposed to do on today only and apparently no other day for the rest of the year no matter how much you "love" the person.  considering i'm not in a committed relationship, i had none of that planed.  honestly, i would have been a little freaked out if my guy  acknowledged today, let alone planed out anything.  i was just hoping to have some casual rough sex and call it a night, but the boy toy is out sick so there went my idea of a good time.  now i'm just stuck here with the cat playing WoW.  very exciting.  can't even make myself a drink because i'm out of vodka and don't get paid until wednesday.  but i'm off track now.  back to why i'm happy it's valentine's day.  i'm secretly a bit ecstatic about it.  because starting tomorrow, the madness stops for a whole fucking year.  no longer will be ears be bombarded with ads about chocolates and flowers and shit like that every time i turn on my car.  no longer will there be all those "news" articles about the most romantic cities, the most romantic restaurants, the most romantic gifts, the most romantic teddy bears, the most romantic ways to blow your nose.  it all stops tomorrow.  and for that i say happy valentine's day!  happy single's awareness day!  and less complaining, more sexy rumpus! *

* if you don't get the reference, check out the oatmeal

Thursday, February 10, 2011

omg i felt so n00b

at least i look bad ass
so i've been mildly WoW zombie again.  i finally got geared enough to do heroics*.  last night i ran three of them with some guys i know in game.  all i have to say is thank God they ran blackrock caverns and throne of tides with me before we got to the vortex pinnacle.  i had never done any of those before.  taking that into consideration, i think i did pretty well in the first two.  the times i died weren't really because of anything i did wrong.  my dps** wasn't too bad considering my gear.  and the guys i was grouped with weren't trying to come up with excuses to kick me out.  i was starting to get a false sense of confidence.  and then we did the vertex pinnacle.  honestly, i'm surprised they are still speaking with me after that.  i did ok on the first two bosses.***  i died, but it's debatable if i caused it or not.  and aside from missing the teleport to the next level, i didn't do anything too n00bish**** and then we got to the final boss.  first i died because i took a wrong step and was stuck down by a lightning bolt and killed instantly.  i didn't feel too bad yet because i wasn't the only one in the party who did that.  one of the guys in the group resurrected me, and we tried again.  sadly, the same thing happened again.  but this time i died on the wrong side of the boss and i was too far away for anyone to be able to resurrect me with getting themselves killed in the process.  so i had to release my ghost to the graveyard, and this is where i started looking really n00b.  because i had never done this dungeon before, i had no idea where the fuck the entrance to it was.  one of the guys was trying to type out to me how to find it, but it just was't happening.  i literally was running around as a ghost for over five minutes because i was lost as all hell and couldn't not find the damn front door.  the druid in the group is one of the guys who i knew, so he was being cool about it and said he would just battle resurrect me once they started fighting.  only problem with this is that when he did, the boss decided to call down another lightning storm, so as soon as i was alive again, i got hit by another fucking lightning bolt.  the death knight in the group tried to turn me into a reanimated zombie (for lack of a better term) but i clicked the wrong button and instead of fighting the boss i blew up my corpse.  so now i was dead again.  for the fourth time on the same boss due to me being a n00b about it.  that has never happen to me before.  i have honestly never failed that hard in all six years of playing this game.  i think a little part of my gamer soul died last night.  thank God  i'm a girl or i would never be able to talk them into doing heroics with me again.

*clarification for non gamers: heroics = high level dungeons that usually drop better armor and weapons and/or give you points that you can use to buy better armor and weapons.  it's a bit of a repetitive cycle.  you do normal dungeons to get gear to do heroic dungeons.  you do heroic  dungeons to get gear to to raid dungeons.  you do raid dungeons to show off how big you epenis is to random people on line who you have never met, and probably never will.

** dps = damage per second.  the higher your dps number, the better you are doing.

*** boss = bad guy in the dungeon that you loot the good gear from when you kill them

**** n00b = a really inexperienced and/or really bad player who doesn't know what the fuck they are doing.  you don't want to be called this ever.

Monday, February 7, 2011

so i'm old now

as many of you know, i turned twenty five last friday.  as expected, much drinking was involved.  but i did other stuff too!  i took the day off and gave myself a long weekend.  my intention was to sleep in that day.  but the fail ninja had other plans.  apparently she still wants to be fed at 7:30 regardless of what day it is.  also, like four people texted me before 8:00 am, so going back to sleep didn't really work out too well.  good thing i'm an insomniac and used to functioning on very little sleep because i had stay up past 2:00 am the night before gaming.  yeah, i know.  i'm a huge nerd, what else is new.  and once i was awake, i spent more time gaming while i was waiting for dani to be out of class.  hell, if i want to spent my day geeking out, i'm allowed to.  but i did do other stuff.  once dani was out of class, she took me out to lunch.  firestone cheeseburger ftw!  after that, we walked around downtown just because.  then we went to the barn and rode the ponies for a while.  first time i have been able to ride my horse in two weeks because of my piercings.  went home after that and did some laundry because the top i wanted to wear that night was dirty.  gamed some more.  so overall, pretty good day.

and then we get to the night.  started out at black sheep.  used my charm and knowledge of the bartender's dog to get myself a discount on my drinks.  met up with some of the girls from work.  i let the bartender choose my first drink.  i bought a white russian as my second one.  alyssa bought me a dirty girl scout.  hung out there until alex was off work and could meet up with us.  moved on the marsten's or whatever it's called now.  alex bought me a screwdriver.  the plan was to dance but it ended up being a little too crowded for that.  witnessed some cougar totally picking up some college kid.  i was only feeling barley tipsy at this point.  we decided to change bars again and headed over to mc carthy's.  alex buys me another white russian, and the vodka finally starts to kick in.  the girl alex takes my phone and runs into a corner and calls matt to harass him about not coming out with us (she does not remember doing this).  we hang around until last call, and then alex and i go to jack in the box.  it's crazy crowded with drunk people, and i keep getting checked out by a guy in a kilt who has a girlfriend.  alex drives me home and hangs out for a while.  we goof around and try to recreate an album cover, and i end up with some pictures that i might be able to use as blackmail for free drinks later on.  so overall, pretty good night as well.