Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the empty hallway

so i've been playing a shit ton of diablo III lately.  sergio says i'm addicted.  i say he has no room to talk because every time i've been on diablo, he's been on WoW.  so he can just suck it.  anywho, if diablo has taught me anything, it is to be very, very afraid of seemingly empty hallways.  because 99.99% of the time, they aren't empty.  usually there is something lurking just beyond view, waiting, somewhat silently, for you to get just close enough for it to jump out and eat your face.  which kinda sucks monkey balls.  mostly because i have no idea how big the group is going to be.  half the time it's something giant that could crush me with it's pinky toe.  the other half the time it's twenty thousand pain in the ass little demons that like to gang up on you.  either way, it's made me crazy paranoid about hallways.  and as of right now, my demon hunter is level twenty eight and i have only ever once been in a hallway that was truly empty.  it was a total mind fuck. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a good night

so tonight was a good night.  it was payday, which means i have money now.  and since i had money, it meant i could go get this:


which i very happily nommed away on, and then was promptly sad that i had no more after i was finished.  to console myself for the lack of more in-n-out, i opened my mail.  in which i found these:

my throwing knives!  so along with being half pirate, i am now also part ninja.  and yes, they are rainbow colored.  because i could and because wanted girly knives.  oh and the other good thing about tonight was that diablo III was finally working, so i got to play that for a few hours.  so pretty much the only thing that could have made tonight better was sex, or killing the skeleton king (who apparently wants to eat my face and kinda sorta succeeded at doing so), but both of those will sadly have to wait until tomorrow.  le sigh.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

song choice

so i'm trying to pick a few songs to dance to.  these are some of the ones i'm considering doing a fan dance to.  the second one is actually one of my favorite, but i'm just concerned that it may be a little too slow.  i think the last one may be a little too slow also.  the first one i just think it funny.  please let me know what you think, or if you have any other suggestions.  thanks!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

treasure chest

so that's my new stage name.  yep, a stage name.  i joined a burlesque troupe, and well the name kinda picked me.  partly due to me being half pirate* and well, other aspects.  other DDD aspects.  but i'm crazy excited about this.  if you couldn't figure it out, my character is mostly based on a pirate.  and since they make pasties in the shape of skulls and cross bones that have glitter on them, i couldn't be happier.  i'm currently working out my routine, one of which involves rum and throwing knives along with a brave audience member, set (hopefully) to the theme song from pirates of the caribbean.  the other depends on if i win these amazing feather fans on ebay.  if i do, i get to fan dance.  if i don't, i need a new idea.  but i have a new excuse to buy shoes and make costumes.  and i get to live out my alter ego as a pirate pin up.  we already have people interested in seeing us preform.  if things go well, we may be doing a show as soon as next month.  the thing that drew me to burlesque is that you don't have to be classically pretty to do well in it.  it's way more open to quirks and alternative appearance.  and it's also way more entertaining than being just a stripper.  and the boy is even ok with me doing it, which makes it all that much better.  just no one tell my mom!  now if you'll excuse me, i have some corset shopping to do.

*according to shannon, i'm half pirate.  and since she is irish, she has determined that if we are ever alone on a deserted island, we will find a way to make rum