Saturday, February 25, 2012

standing still is hard to do

yeah this was sooooo not happening today
apparently that was the problem my horse was having today.  he stood perfectly fine for the farrier but apparently throwing a saddle on him totally caused him to forget that he possessed that ability.  i guess he was using the thoroughbred racing side of his brain today.  whenever i asked him to stop, he kept trying to creep forward.  apparently he thought i wouldn't notice that the thing i was sitting on was suddenly moving.   and walking quietly was just too boring or something, because he kept trying to go faster.  and so was walking in a straight line because he decided it would be much more fun to go down the side of the arena sideways.  so i gave up on the arena work, because i wasn't really enjoying the feeling of being atop a thousand pound loaded rocket in such a large space.  so onto the round pen we went.  where he proceeded to try and call out to any other horse that might listen to him like every five minutes.  sadly for him, none of the other horses seemed to give a shit, and they refused to leap out of their pens and somehow open the door to the round pen and set him free.  which meant he was stuck with me until he stops his little temper tantrum.  which meant he had to walk.  stop.  walk.  stop.  walk.  stop.  until he stopped acting all stupid about it.  which took like an hour an a half.  i had to run him for about ten minutes just to take the edge off of him, and then there was eighty minutes of walking.  he is far too well trained to get away with shit like that.  he just felt like he should be allowed to run as much as he wanted and got super pissy because i told him no.  just like a little kid.  only when a four year old has a hissy fit, they are far less likely to throw you into a fence than a horse is.  luckily that didn't happen today, but it was still just as annoying.  let's hope he's over it by the next time i ride.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

to my valentine ...

 ... who happens to be a bottle of sailor jerry because my boyfriend threw out his stupid back and is laying at home all loopy on pain meds.  oh, and i know i've made jokes about me beings a pro drinker and all, but the sad part is that it's kinda true.  the glass there on the left only has rum in it so far.  and that's my "starter drink."  which mean i'll end up adding more rum as the night goes on.  and considering that the sailor jerry was on sale for only $12 (apparently rite aid is aware that the single people also need some love today), this could be a slightly less shitty night.  even through i'm not really overly romantic on valentine's day (hell my gift to my guy is a jameson drinking glass), i do like to spend it with someone.  so being stuck at home alone with the cat has kind of put me in a sour mood.  at least he's taking me to the zoo this weekend.  and due to the fact that i'm a giant kid sometimes, shit like that makes me stupidly happy.  but until then, i'm going to be grouchy.  to all my single friends, i'll do a shot for you.  and just to keep things on the classy side:

skull and cross bones ice cubes.  because yes, i am that awesome.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

happy birthday to me!

so i'm old today.  a whole twenty six years.  in order to make myself feel better about it, i bought myself two birthday gifts.  first off, the one i've been talking about for like the past month: my tattoo!  it's took a little over two hours and hurt like a bitch, but it was totally worth it. it's still a bit red and such, so the shading isn't as detailed as it will be once it heals, but here's a first picture of the final product:

there's still a lot of excess ink and such on my skin because i took this right after the wrap came off, so just kind of ignore that.  i'll post another pic in a few weeks once it heals up.  oh and for part two of my gifts to myself:

shoes!  just because i like shoes.  and they were cute.  so why the hell not.  i'm using the excuse that i needed new shoes to wear when i go out tonight, but it's mostly just because i like shoes and they look cute.  and i don't have any red shoes yet, so it works.  now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to take a nap before i drink the night away.  happy birthday to me!