Wednesday, August 31, 2011

cheeseblarg photo hunt

so i'm doing a photo scavenger hunt for the cheeseblarg.  the rules are no google pics, and you can use anything that reasonably fits the subject.  thank goodness i take pics of everything, so nothing on here was googled.  and my parents are totally awesome for helping out with this.  so, here's my submission:

1. A cat in a window
thank you, fail ninja
2. Bare feet in grass

i want bonus points for this because i'm allergic to grass
3. Bacon
meet wrapped in bacon.  awesome

4. A squeaker
don't worry, he was a pet and allowed to be there
5. 3 people holding cards
my parents are so awesome for taking pics of themselves and sending them do me for the sole purpose of this scavenger hunt
birthday cards count!
and she makes tres
6. Cheese on an entire family
my cat is like my kid, so she counts as family

7. Someone wearing a hat
wearing a hat and carrying a gun.  good combo

8. A bird, not in a tree
totally on the ground and not in a tree
9. The color red, only the color red

this counts right?  i figured it was more exciting than a red block
10. You holding a sign referring to Da Cheeseblarg

blue hair makes everything better
11. The cutest chocolate you can find
what's cuter than chocolate labs playing with a stick on the beach?
12. Velcro

why having multiple purses is a good thing
13. An upside down book

one of my favorites
14. Something I write about all the time but have not put in the list

you really need to read the blarg to get this
15. Ice cream

best. shelf. ever.
16. A chance

i'm deathly scared of sharks, and won't go int the ocean because of it.  so this person is taking a chance that he will leave the ocean with all his limbs attached and not eaten. 
17. Something nerdy
that's on the back of my car and it's the horde emblem for WoW

18. A yellow flower

19. A crack in a sidewalk

all i had to do was walk outside my front door for this
20. The inside of a grocery store

ninja shot taken with my phone
21. A person wearing a barrette
it's dark, but it's there

22. A scavenger
they have to scavenge for food because they are so ugly that no one invites them to the dinner table


ever get the feeling you're being watched?

well i get that all the when i'm on my computer.  i just know that some where, someone is staring at me.  and it's not because i'm paranoid. and i'm not imagining things.  and i'm not crazy (well, not the bad kind at least).  it's because i know for sure that i'm always being watched.  and what makes me so certain?  two words: photographic evidence.  yep, i was able to capture the culprit on film.  

she was attempting to stalk me by "hiding" behind my monitor.  she probably could have done this by crouching behind my monitor while on my desk, where it would have actually covered most of her body.  but she chose to crouch on the little ledge behind my monitor that lifts here up to be almost level with it.  and people wonder why i call her fail ninja.  

another thing that is not ninja? trying the whole hiding in plain sight thing and trying to steal stuff when i'm looking right at her.  i swear, she's lucky she's cute.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i need a white tiger

like, literally.  well ... sort of.  more specifically i need a plush white tiger that doesn't look adorably cute.  and why might i need this?  blizzcon costume.  why else?  did you not read my post from last friday?  any who,  the character i'm going as has the WoW equivalent of white tiger as her war mount.  which just means it's a white tiger with a fancy name, like frostsaber.  costume-wise, this means i want to get a big plush tiger, slap some wheels on it, and have it "following" me on a leash at the convention.  problem is, too many of the plus tigers at the stores have that overly cute googly eye look.  and a fierce war mount cannot have googly eyes.  i'm pretty sure you can't be fierce with googly eyes.  just ask tyra.  and the ones that don't have googly eyes are ginormous and cost  way too much money.  so if you or anyone you know has a decent sized, not overly cute, plush white tiger that you wouldn't mind donating to my cause so i can punch holes in it and attach some wheels, let me know.  i will less than three you forever!  because i want to look badass.  and the fail ninja just doesn't cut it.  that, and they wont allow live animals in the convention center.  which is really too bad.  because if they did, you can bet i would be trying to find some zoo who would let me borrow their tiger.