Sunday, January 29, 2012

feeling like a pirate

this is what happens when i get bored and find costume parts
i think i would have made a pretty bad ass pirate captain.  first off,  i look pretty damn good as a pirate, which is evident in some of my previous halloween costumes.  i got that tattoo thing covered.  also, i can sing all of their songs.  and pirate songs are the only songs that i really sing well.  i'm trying to figure out a way to record that and once i do i'll most likely post it here.  and most importantly, i'm good at drinking rum.  like really good at it.  seriously, i drink like a fucking fish.  so all i really need is a ship and a crew.  i already have the flag.  and if i remember correctly, jefe owes me a ship.  i think there was some kind of deal where he had to be second in command or something like that, i don't know.  if i split the rum with him, i'm sure he'd go along with it.  oh and then he would be a drunk pirate.  which would give me another excuse to sing "drunken sailor."  i think this situation is win all around.

Friday, January 27, 2012

back to black

not only is that an awesome song, it's also my ring tone.  and as of 6:30 tonight, it's also the color of my hair.  i got tired of my hair.  this happens like every six months or so.  and since i didn't want to cut it, i dyed it.  this time, i went dark.  i haven't done black in a few years, and i really like how it looked.  so i went back to it.  and i'm very happy with it.  if only i could add the cherry red now.  oh well.  that's just going to have to wait.  i have an interview tomorrow, and not sure how they would feel about that.  i'll just have to rock this for now.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

lucky for her

all i have to say for tonight is that my cat is very lucky that she doesn't know the difference between good singing and bad singing.  my arena partner in Wow, not so lucky for him.  because he actually sings really, really well.  and i really, really don't.  unless you're drunk when you hear me, then i'm fucking amazing.  but the song "mad world" (also known as the donnie darko song) came on my playlist tonight.  and if you have ever heard this song before, you can't help but sing along.  and i was doing this while skyping with said arena partner, so yeah.  he had to sorta suffer through my singing, but at least he likes me enough to put up with it.  and the cat loves me no matter what since i feed her, so i'm good in that area.  now if you'll excuse me, i'm off to go sing in the shower and pretend that i'm awesome at it.

 p.s. alex, i want to do karaoke.  and chance of that happeneing next time you're here?

Monday, January 23, 2012

omg grilled cheese!

so i think i sorta touched on this before, but i randomly get these pregnant lady level cravings for certain types of food.  lately it's been grilled cheese.  i got one on saturday night when we were out drinking.  it was pretty amazing.  partly because i had drunk munchies, and partly just because it tasted really good.  and to make that even better, i was allowed to bring it back inside the bar and properly enjoy it with a rum and coke.  but instead of making my grilled cheese craving go away, it just made it worse.  and now i want one again.  and i will totally creeper stare at someone like this girl is if it means it will cause them to make me a grilled cheese.  i have no problem with making someone uncomfortable enough that they cave in and do what i want.  who cares if it makes them think i'm weird?  i just got a free sandwich out of it.  totally worth it.