Monday, October 31, 2011


spending one of your favorite holidays fighting the urge to puke, pass out, or both, sucks fat monkey balls.  i'm going to go hide under the covers and sulks now.  to everyone else who is not trying fighting off a zombie virus, because i am now convinced that is what i have, i hope you have a great halloween.  take lots of pics and write down all your stories to share with me so i don't feel so left out.  because i do.  because i'm missing another reason to wear a costume.  balls :(

Sunday, October 30, 2011

i got issues

apparently something is wrong with me, but i don't know what it is.  i think it may be possible i have some kind of pinched nerve or i ate something bad or i really did catch a zombie disease.  last week i was having really bad back pains, and that night i ended up getting super light headed and feeling like i was going to pass out.  i also started having dry heaves, got the chills, and felt beyond worn out.  tonight i had a similar thing happen.  i was having shoulder pains all day, and i got very light headed and dizzy.  no matter how much i drink (and i've had about three liters of water so far) i'm still thirsty.  while my stomach is hanging in there so far, i do think i may have a fever because i feel crazy hot and i have the extremely worn out feeling again.  i have no idea what's going on with me.  all i know is that i don't like it.  and that i'm not pregnant. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

zomg zombies!

in case any of you were wondering how i got turned into a zombie
zombie march was last night.  and it was pretty awesome.  i did makeup for about ten people over three hours.  i did my own make up in between doing everyone else.  overall i think there was about seventy zombies and nine different effects artists, which lead to an amazing variety of zombies.  some were using an air brush, and the rest, like me, were using traditional make up.  i made all the wounds for every one on the spot.  have i mentioned lately how much i love liquid latex?  these are the wounds i did on my own arms.  the one on the left was liquid latex, make up and blood.  the one on the right is the same, but with cotton to add texture.

i did these first thing when i got there.  i used myself as an example for the other people i was doing makeup on so they could choose their wound style.  i had to wait until the end to use the white outs so i could see what i was doing on everyone else.  really glad i decided to use them because i got a ton of compliments for it.  and i do take "holly crap those are creepy as fuck" to be a compliment, since that was kind of the effect i was going for.  below are some examples of my work on other people.  if you want to see everyone i did, click here.

it helps to be dating the makeup artist.  it means you get the most time spent on your make up.
 front and back of the same girl.  she was fun to work on.  and since she was my last person of the night i was able to spend extra time on her
left the face "pretty" since she was a bride and just slashed open her throat instead
we started off my ambushing the mission in town and have a high school style group picture.  after that we hit up several of the bars in town and more or less scared the crap out of every one there with all of our kick ass looking makeup.  and we did have people following us around town taking pictures and video.   as soon as those get posted, i'll share with every one.  and now i really can add make up artist to my list of accomplishments.  so if anyone needs special effects makeup done for something, hit me up.  i'll most likely do it for free as long as you buy the supplies.

don't we make a cute couple?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

blizzcon costumes, round two

busy making bite wounds, so don't really have time to type out a whole lot.  my plan is to distract you with pretty pictures and hope you forgive me.  let me know if it works.  oh and unless started otherwise, the costume is from WoW.

me, as tyrande whisperwind and a blood elf hunter with lady sylvanas windrunner

goblin engineer and dragon

something from diablo we think, possiable wizzard or mage, and marine from starcraft

spirit healer and deathwing

dwarf hunter and night elves with draenei

moria  bronzebeard with warlock and candy and cake vendors

orc and tier five priest

 pandaren with undead rogue and death knight

 baneling from starcraft and murloc

blood elf and dragonhawk

tyrande whisperwind with night elf rogue and female arthas with sylvanas windrunner

 ysera and adjutant from starcraft (costume contest winner)

barbarian from diablo with blood elf hunter and succubus

high elf hunter with horde warrior and sylvanas windrunner

goblin rogue and paladin

 demon hunter from diablo and sylvanas windrunner

 troll death knight and blood elf mage (fyi, there has got to be a ton of pics of she and i together, let me know if you see any)

moonkin with hatching and gryphon

that's all for now folks.  inc zombie pics next. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

brb there's blood in my hair

so that was an actual phrase i used tonight.  and not for any bad reasons.  tonight was the practice run for the zombie march, so they showed us a few different special effect techniques.  basically, lots of liquid latex (love that stuff), cotton, bruise make up, and of course, a shit ton of fake blood.  which happens to be edible.  the end result will be something like this:

i added my white outs after.  very happy with the effect it has.  i just rolled them back for the pic.  love, love, love it.  oh and as a full disclaimer, i did not apply my own make up here.  we were practicing on each other, so one of the other guys did mine.  i was working on making some girl's arm look like it was all bruised to hell.  and i think i did a pretty good job of it.  can't wait until friday!

and as a ps, if you are going to the march and want me to be your effects artist, let me know and i will sign you up on my time sheet. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

more on the way

what up all you non-blizzcon going people?  miss me while i was out having an awesome time?  yeah, i know you did.  but rest assured, i'm back bitches!  with amazing stories and fascinating pictures.  well, at least they are to me, and since it's my blog, that's all that matters.  short recap: i got in the costume contests, didn't place but had a lot of fun.  used the stage name "camma" if you want to see it.  the new expansion is not going to be that bad, so stop freaking out.  the monk is actually fun.  blizzard most definitely loves WoW players more than any other group of gamers because we get way more cool stuff when, like diablo 3 for free.  the foo fighters put on the best show that i have ever seen.  and my costume was beyond kick ass looking.  don't believe me?  see for yourself:

sooooo happy with how it looked.  and that is like my new favorite pic.  more awesomeness is on the way, but it's going to take me a bit to sort it all out and such, so just hang tight.  trust me, it's worth it. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

some final thoughts

last update before i go.  the costume is finished!  i have no idea why i was so last minute about it.  i mean i'm leaving in the morning.  but at least it's done now.  i found some cool ribbon that i'm gluing to my arms in place of upper arm bands.  ribbon is way cheaper than metal.  

and it's all shinny and pretty and stuff.  as for the dress, i finally made the front piece.  took about an hour because i had to wait for the pain coats to dry, but it looks pretty bad ass if i do say so myself.  sewing it on was a bitch because i don't have a proper sewing table or anything.  so now my neck and back hurt from hunching over.  oh how i suffer for my art.  but it was totally worth it.  

over all, super happy with how everything pulled together.  and that's all for now folks.  like i said last year,

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the dress!

so i spent some time finishing up a few things on my dress tonight.  yeah, i'm being last minute about it, but whatever.  as long as it's done by friday, that's all that matters.  anyway, this is what the dress looked like to start with: 

felt a little bit like vanna white there, but whatever.  i needed a way to show off what the dress looked like before i did anything.  as you can see, it's a spaghetti strap with an open chest.   you may also notice that it looks a bit loose at the top.  that's because i couldn't zip it all the way because my boobs are too damn big.  so that was the challenge.  fix the front and fix the back.  the front was the easy part.

i just cut the straps at the  back to make it into a halter top.  it had these thin little straps that the see through material was attached to, so i just removed those completely.  the dress came with this little shawl thing that was made of the same see through material, so i used that to make the neck piece and fill in the chest.  the back was a bit trickier, but not too complicated.

it started as a zip up.  if you look close, you can see where i drew faint little circles.  these were cut out with an x-acto and using a $3 eyelet kit, replaced with nickle grommets, six on each side.  this way i could still zip the bottom part, and lace up the top part to give a better fit.  plus corset backs just look prettier anyway.

<-- one side done

                     both sides done -->

over all, i'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  you'll noticed i laced it so it ties at the bottom.  this is because i am dressing by myself this year and don't have anyone to help tie me in.  and from lots of experience with tying my own bodice, i've learned a few tricks.  having all the laces in a downward direction with a tie at the bottom makes it much easier to adjust alone.  there are fancier ways to do the lacing, but they are way harder to adjust behind your back.  oh and speaking of behind your back, it's really, really hard to take a picture of behind your own back.

just saying.  anyway, that's all for tonight, still adding details to it, but i might not have a chance to post more pics before blizzcon.  which is in three days.  omg i still have so much to do.