Tuesday, June 12, 2012

why i love editing

so i have a love/hate relationship with photo editing.  i hate it because it takes a really fucking long time to sort through six hundred plus pictures to choose the good ones, and then edit the ones that need it.  and while i don't do any major editing (as in i don't change what is in the picture in any way), i do things like glare reduction or color correction or changing it to black and white, and quite frankly that takes a long ass time.  on the plus side, i end up with some amazing pictures that i totally fall in love with.  this weekend was a great example of that.  i went to the western states horse expo with my mom, and i literally took six hundred and sixty four pictures.  a lot of this was due to the fact the horses move, so i was using the sports capture setting, which takes a shit ton of pictures at a crazy fast shutter speed over a short period of time.  so i end up wait a lot of excess pictures.  i whittled it down to fifty six pictures that i wanted to spend the time editing and posting.  oh and just so you can see why i love editing, i turned this average picture of a fresian mare:

 into this:

which was one of my favorite picture of the day, just by cropping it down and changing the color.  my second favorite picture of the day was my mom being all horse whisper like with a filly that was for sale.  again, all i did was crop and color change, and i seriously love how it turned out.

as usual, click here if you want to see the other fifty four pictures.  i'm very happy with how they turned out.  editing is definitely a labor of love for me.

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