Thursday, July 5, 2012

my apartment is haunted

well, not really.  but i sorta wish it was so i could be saved by this hot hunk of man meat:

as i mentioned recently, i've been watching a lot of supernatural lately.  and watching it before i go to bed is probably not the best idea, seeing as how it gives me weird dreams, or in this case makes me think my apartment is haunted.  it was like three or four in the morning and i woke up because i sorta kinda thought i heard something.  i looked around and the whole floor in front of my bathroom door was pitch black, and considering i have light tan carpet, well that just wasn't normal.  so rationally the first thing i think if demon smoke.  but then my eyes adjusted a little and i could tell it was something solid, and not evil black smoke.  but by this time i had realized that the fail ninja was flipping the fuck out, like staring at the spot, her hair all standing up and all fizzed out.  and since it's a theory that animals can pick up on ghosts, and i'm half delusion from not being fully awake, i'm starting to think ghost stuff makes more sense.  i didn't want to get out of bed, so i'm trying to think what could possibly be in my apartment that was black and large enough to cover that area of floor and the only thing i can think of is a blanket i have.  which is a comforter and slightly heavy for a blanket.  and is folded up on the floor at the foot of my bed which is like six feet away from where i'm looking.  and has one of those super heavy boyfriend pillows* on top of it. so i know there is no way physically possible that the cat could have moved the blanket over there.  and i'm assuming if she had, she wouldn't be freaking out about it this much.  now i know it was totally moved by ghosts.  so i finally get brave enough to grab a flashlight off my desk, and much to my relief, i found out it was not the blanket.  it was in fact my duffel bag.  it has a black bottom, so it must have fallen off the shelf it was on in the closet and just landed face down on the floor.  which made way more sense that ghosts rearranging my bedclothes.**  overall, very relieved about that.  still, slightly disappointed because no rescue by dean.  guess i'll have to find another way.

* just the kind that are sturdy and have arms and are good to use when watching tv or reading.  not the super creepers ones that actually try to mimic a human torso that lonely desperate people own.  
** also my new favorite word for blanket

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